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Titus Ayodele is a distinguished professional with over 20 years of extensive expertise in accountancy and financial management.

Currently serving as the Managing Partner at Julius and Julius & Associates LLP, a premier Accountancy Practice Firm headquartered in London since June 2009, Titus has consistently showcased exceptional skills and leadership across various financial domains.

Titus Ayodele (FFA, FFTA, FAIA, MSc) - Managing Partner

Titus holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from London South Bank University, a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of Northampton, and a Master of Science degree in Corporate Governance & Leadership. He has conducted several research works, such as investigating leadership in challenging circumstances & leadership response to the global financial economic crisis in local authorities in London.

Titus brings a robust academic foundation to his practical experience. Throughout his career, he has excelled in areas including Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Advisory, contributing significantly to the success of numerous clients and businesses.

In addition to his role as Managing Partner, Titus is recognised for his adept administration of human and capital assets. He holds directorship positions in several companies and serves as a non-executive director in others, leveraging his expertise to drive strategic decision-making and foster sustainable growth.

Titus is a distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants, the Federation of Tax Advisers, and the Association of International Accountants, reflecting his commitment to professional excellence and ongoing development in the field of finance and accountancy. He also holds a practising certificate as a Public Accountant from the Association of International Accountants and is a Certified Financial Consultant of the Institute Financial Consultants in the United States of America. Moreover, he is a Chartered Business Administrator on the Chartered Association of Business Administrator based in Canada.

With a proven track record of delivering results and guiding organisations towards financial success, Titus Ayodele stands as a respected leader and trusted advisor within the financial community.